Point the ski downhill, no matter what
The White Rush 2012

Only in Freefall They Are Even Faster

The White Rush is:

1. The foundation stone for the fame of St. Anton.
2. a demanding ski race, in which it's all about one thing: Who is the first to be in St. Anton?
3. held again on 16 April 2016th - dare you?

Short version - The White Rush (1931)

A miracle that made the Arlberg popular

The genre of skiing film (as known by Willy Bogner (Fire & Ice) or Luis Trenker, has its roots at the Arlberg, particularly in St. Anton. Known as the cradle of Alpine skiing.

Here Arnold Franck filmed The Miracle of the snowshoe in the 1920s. Due to its success, two years later he came up with an follow up: New wonders of the snowshoe!

Finally the comedy The White Rush made quite an impression on none other than Charlie Chaplin (of whom is told that he even watched it twice). It was the first film in this series, which was released with sound (and Leni Riefenstahl as ski baby).

This very film it was And this film was the one to make St. Anton and the Arlberg popular beyond the Alps.

From Museum St. Blasien, by LoKiLeCh
Shoes for ski pioneers of ice and steele

As a skier, it is impressing to see even today what could be accheived in the old days - if you only dare.


Anyone who once has had the pleasure to ski in boots of leather and a plate or cable binding (as they were in use until the 1970s) can't help but admiring those daredevils.

555 Participants Who is the First To Be in St. Anton?

Exactly this question is what The White Rush is all about. It is a demanding downhill race, taking place every year in April.

With a duration of approximately 8-9 minutes, it is one of the longest ski race in the world, if not the longest. Because there is not only slipping and sliding downhill, but going uphill as well (did we mention the mountain of pain?), it counts among the most stressing races today.

Rock the Valluga! (Or the Valluga Will Rock You)

The White Rush downhill skiing race is the first competition in a grueling triathlon. Anyone can take part, which belongs to the first 555 applicants. Late entries are not accepted.

The entry fee is 35 € (ski pass not included).


The exact date will be placed is Saturday, April 16 2016 at 17.00 clock. Details on the schedule and registration can be found at the Arlberg eagles on Arlbergadler.eu.

A demanding downhill race down from the Valluga. The winner is the first to reach St. Anton. Every year in April.

Terrain Profile
Der Weiße Rausch
Length8,99 km
Height2.619 - 1.313 m
Diff1.307 m